About Emergency Responders Credit Union

Emergency Responders Credit Union was chartered on April 1, 1940 to create a credit union for firefighters. The needs of its sixty-three charter members were simple. Members deposited money in a savings account so that other members could borrow money. Depositors earned excellent dividends and borrowers paid low interest rates.

Since those early days, our membership and the services offered have grown. Emergency Responders Credit Union (ERCU) has continued its long history of serving its members in Winston-Salem community and beyond. Since its establishment as the Winston-Salem Firefighters Credit Union in the 1940’s, ERCU has consistently worked to meet the financial services needs of its members and their families.

As the community of first-responders is tight-knit, so is the membership and staff of ERCU. With friendly staff and an inviting office, ERCU provides a physical environment different from our bank (and even large credit union) competition, not to mention the sense of relationship developed between members and our staff.

We want to be your first choice for you and your family when it comes to your financial services needs. Call or visit us today!

The next time someone tells you that a credit union is just like a bank… let them know that:

  • We are a non-profit organization… a bank is NOT!
  • A credit union is owned by its members… a bank is NOT!
  • Members elect volunteer Directors… bank customers do NOT!
  • You have a democratic representation… banks do NOT!
  • Each member has one vote in elections… customers have NO vote!
  • Excess earnings are returned to members… banks are all about shareholder interests.
  • We exist to meet member needs… banks serve stockholder’s profit interests.